Courage to Stand Up to A Bully

Courage has been the theme in these recent weeks everywhere I go for inspiration. Last night I found video of a news anchor who addressed a bully who had sent her an email about her weight. The video was very inspiring and decided to share it with all my friends.

What I believe touched me the most about her words on the video is that she could have ignored the email and not go public with someone calling her “FAT”. But instead, she turned an uncomfortable event to something positive and to teach others by example.

Courage to Move Forward

Courage to stand up to someone bullying you, in this case, cyber bullying, is admirable. It takes courage to make changes in our life, to battle fear, and break free of negative emotions. Courage is important to move forward in your spiritual path. Without courage it’s difficult to change the story we tell ourselves and the story we hear from others.

The Story We Tell Ourselves

In this case, the anchor woman heard the word “fat” and “not a good role model for young girls”. That is saying to her that she is “not good enough”. If she had chosen to listen to that story she was told, she could have used that as the story she tells herself every day, and live a life where she is not good enough for anything.

Standing Up For Others

For those of us in the spiritual path is easier to understand we are not here to judge others and ourselves. But many times we fail to help break the cycle when we hear others judging people. It takes courage to tell someone that their comments or behavior may affect others and cause damage to them.

Remember to Buy your Spiritual Blox.  Keep it near you.  And read it all the time like this:

“When I am SPIRITUAL, I have Hope, Faith, Support, and Love!”  If you see it and read it, you will believe it and become it!!!


Be Spiritual!

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