Need a gift for someone that needs your help or has everything?
Need a motivational reminder for yourself?

Mental Blox are like "The Secret" in a paperweight!

Mental Blox are solid wood motivational paperweights etched with words that describe
when you have MET your goal.

Everyone can use motivation, and almost everyone can use a beautiful paperweight,
so it's the perfect mix of design meets function!

The Secret to Success

Use our “Paperweights” to help you visualize your goal, and achieve it!

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  • Paperweights that Motivate

    Commit to your goals. What better way to be reminded of your goals than to have them FRONT & CENTER in front of you, everyday?!? Buy the paperweights, keep them near you, and read them a lot to keep you on task.

  • Experts that Guide

    Learn & Do.  Follow our experts to help keep your goals reachable. Learn from the best and become the best you can be.

  • Free Blogs

    Our blogs are designed to provide you with daily inspiration.